Liner Agency

SLST Denizcilik ve Tic.Ltd. started to serve Turkish market with BROINTERMED LINE from December 2014 being Turkey Genel Agent between İzmir-Mersin/Genoa-Leghorn-Salerno-Naples with direct container Liner service. Now we increased our coverage with Istanbul and Alexandria as from April 2015.

We offer Ambarlı Marport terminal for Turkish and İstanbul European side and  Gebze Yılport terminalin for Istanbul Asian side, Marmara region and Anatolian cargoes. We are offering direct and quick transit time to Alexandria/Egypt from Ambarlı and Gebze.

Ambarli (Marport)   Alexandria(old port)   Salerno (Amoruso terminal)
Gebze (Yilport)       La Spezia (Terminal del Golfo)
Izmir Aliaga (TCE Ege)       Genoa (San Giorgio terminal)
Mersin (MIP)        

We are offering intermodal service to all Italian destination via Italian ports.

Services via La Spezia;

Libya -  Misurata, Tripoli and Marsa El Brega.
Algeria - Algiers and Oran.

Export transit time from Istanbul;

Alexandria 5 days,
Salerno 10 days,
La Spezia 11 days,
Genoa 12 days.

Import transit times fm Italy to Istanbul;

Salerno dan 4 days,
La Spezia dan 5 days,
Genoa dan 6 days.
We use Brointermed lines containers, agents and bill of ladings